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Performative Autumn

In 2018, we presented a program “Special Autumn Program of Dance and Theatre” which included 15 events with participations of Swiss directors, artists, and dance companies in various locations, from Moscow to Ekaterinburg. Activities included documentary theatre, inclusive dance, site-specific experiments involving amateur dancers, a choreographed intervention in a contemporary art museum, large festivals, and small workshops.

Please find below for a detailed program of events.

3-5 September. Boris Nikitin

Director and playwright Boris Nikitin has worked in documentary theatre for the past decade. He also organized «It’s The Real Thing», a festival for the documentary performing arts. In Russia, Nikitin has presented his works at the NET and the Access Point festivals. In Moscow, Nikitin will hold a number of meetings for professional groups during which he will discuss theoretical, practical, and critical approaches to the notion of representing reality.

3 September — Nikitin will hold a workshop on documenting representations of reality at Moscow’s Liubimovka Festival of Contemporary Drama.
Moscow. DOC Theatre. Malyi Kazennyi pereulok, 12/2.

4 September — Nikitin will give a lecture and meet with students from the Boris Yukhananov Studio of Individual Directing.

5 September — Nikitin will present a lecture together with the School for the Contemporary Viewer and Listener on «Against Documentation».
Moscow, the Electrotheatre Stanislavsky, Tverskaia street 23

8-13 September. Cie BewegGrund

Susanne Schneider and her inclusive dance association Cie BewegGrund will conduct workshops in Moscow and Kazan for choreographers, performers, and instructors who work with people with disabilities. Their goal is to exchange ideas and professional approaches for working in inclusive dance. Participants in the workshops will learn about the social and aesthetic aspects of inclusion. Additionally, an excerpt from one of Cie BewegGrund’s plays will be shown.

8 September Workshop “Inclusive dance. Practices exchange”.
Moscow, ZIL Cultural Center, Vostochnaia street 4, corpus 1

11-13 September — Workshop at the “Inclusion” School together with Ugol Creative Laboratory and the Living City Fund to Support Contemporary Art.
Kazan. Ugol Creative Laboratory, Parizhskoi Kommuny street 25/39

29 September – 5 October. Cie Jozsef Trefeli

The Jozsef Trefeli Company is famous for its performances using choreography to depict peoples’ daily lives. The Company will take part in the Diversia International Festival of Contemporary Dance Duos. The Company will perform Jinx 103, which mixes ritual movement and contemporary dance, and Creature, a performance that deconstructs folk dance.

29-30 September — Performance of Jinx 103. Gabor Varga, a member of the Jozsef Trefeli Company, will conduct a master class for choreographers.
Ekaterinburg, The Yeltsin Center, Boris Yeltsin street 3.

2 October — Performance of Jinx 103 and an open meeting.
Moscow. ZIL Cultural Center, Vostochnaia street 4/1.

5 October — Performance of Creature at the Diversia International Festival of Modern Dance Duos.
Kostroma. Stantsia Art Venue, Erokhova street 3a.

18-22 October. Cie Nicole Seiler

Cie Nicole Seiler, the Théâtre Arsenic, and the New Space. Theatre of Nations have organized The Living Rooms within the Territory Festival, a unique performance walk around Moscow. Moving along a specific route, onlookers will be able to watch participants in the project dance in the windows of their own apartments. The New Space. Theatre of Nations will also present cinematic portraits of amateur dancers.

18-21 October — The Living Rooms performance in Moscow.
The New Space. Theatre of Nations

A Nicole Seiler master class for students at the Festival Territory School.
Please find  time and venue details here: https://territoryfest.ru

22 October —Young Russian producers will have the opportunity to meet with Michel Monney, manager of the Nicole Seiler Company. The meeting will take place as part of a series of lectures and meetings by producer Alena Yankelevich.
Moscow. Electrotheatre Stanislavsky, Tverskaia street 23.

23 October – 4 November. Asphalt Piloten

Dance company Asphalt Piloten and Anna Anderegg, one of the company’s choreographers, will create a site-specific performance called Fragmented to mark the tenth anniversary of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, a former Soviet restaurant that was transformed into a museum by Rem Koolhaas.

Five dancers will spend twenty-five days in the Garage building and perform a performative intervention of the museum space through dance.

23 October-4 November — Performance “Fragmented”.
Moscow. The Garage Museum, Krymskii val 9/32.

8-9 November. Cie Greffe

Geneva dancer Cindy van Acker and her company Cie Greffe never tire of experimentation. In St. Petersburg, together with Russian colleagues, Cie Greffe will perform PPSix, a fragment from Diffraction, a piece from 2011. The performance employs minimalist movement and is based on the six dancers working closely together.

8-9 November — Performance of PPSix.
St. Petersburg. Skorokhod Space, Moskovskii prospekt 107/5. Fourth floor.

Photo: Anton Donikov
(с) Garage Museum of Contemporary Art



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