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Studio Residencies


3 months


A studio residency (3 months) for Swiss artists in Russia or, conversely, for artists from Russia in Switzerland provides the chance to gain a broad insight into a different cultural environment. The aim of the residency is to find inspiration, establish networks and contemplate new projects and cooperations. In addition to a place to work and accommodation, we will provide specific coaching. The Swiss Arts Council covers the costs of travel and accommodation, insurance and per diem expenses. Applicants may apply three times in total for a Pro Helvetia studio residency.

Selection criteria

  • convincing track record: personal artistic activity above and beyond regional level
  • context-related motivation
  • adequate foreign language skill

Residencies in Russia

Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre

Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre is the largest exhibition platform in Siberia for contemporary arts, which nourishes creative environment and communities around the region. The museum flickers on the city map by changing its names, which is provoked by its own history: Cultural and Historical Museum Complex, Cultural and Historical Centre «Strelka Museum», former Lenin Museum, KHC. Beginning from 1991 the museum was reorganised, focusing on cultural and historical exhibiting projects and in 1993 it has started to develop public-art programmes both dealing with presenting contemporary arts. KMC is the first institution in Russia, which holds regular biennial projects (from 1995) and biannual museum nights (from 2002). In 1998 it was rewarded Council of Europe Museum Prize «for its contribution to furthering people’s awareness of the European cultural heritage». Alongside with its content the museum appears to be a prominent example of late modernism architecture. The space inside resembles a labyrinth continuously transformed by different construction models, light boxes and dioramas.

Throughout the period of 30 years the museum has been developing and reflecting different topics like the arts of memory, Lenin’s Russian communism, Siberian genius loci identification and its phenomenology. The museum cooperates with critical oriented artists, who prefer to use new materials and technologies for interpreting traditions and the present. Well-known and experienced artists, who has already participated large-scale projects work here frequently with emerging local artists side by side in order to yield intellectual communication and products.

Residency options: artistic workshop, expedition and research.


  • Fine arts
  • Artistic expeditions
  • Public arts
  • Installation

Museum Director – Maria Bukova


Ploshad’ Mira 1, Krasnoyarsk

+7 391 212 46 63



Centre for Creative Industries “Fabrika” – MOSCOW

Centre for Creative Industries “Fabrika” (until 2011 Proekt_Fabrika) was founded in 2005 in Moscow (Russia) at the former factory, on account of a fruitful collaboration between business and art. Since the beginning, the exhibition programs are intended to support young, midcareer and established artists by giving them an opportunity to present their work. Fabrika provides studio space for artists, run an exchange program “Artist in Residence”, program “Fabrika: Workshops” and host regular exhibitions. Since 2008 CCI Fabrika is a member of Trans Europe Halles Network.

For the last 8 years Fabrika hosted and supported different artists and cultural researches that had chosen Moscow as a place of presenting their project. Fabrika welcomes artists and researches with experience in maintaining disciplines:

  • visual arts
  • sculpture
  • media
  • theater
  • contemporary dance
  • criticism

Director of CCI Fabrika: Asya Philippova

Coordinator “Artist in Residence”: Kristina Pestova

Perevedenovsky lane, 18, Moscow,105082

+7 (499) 265 39 26





ROSIZO/National Centre for Contemporary Art, Siberian Branch – TOMSK

Siberian Branch of ROSIZO/National Centre for Contemporary Art in Tomsk is founded in 2012 and dedicated to exhibition, education and production projects as well as cultural cooperation between Russian and international artists and curators in the field of contemporary art. It is situated in the city of Tomsk – ‘Siberian Oxford’, one the Russian federal innovation hubs and centers of science and education. ROSIZO/NCCA SB is dedicated to multidisciplinary art projects but has specific focus of video/media art, experiments in art and science, artistic research in intercultural/ethnographic subjects, cont.art and cultural heritage. We offer a studio space in downtown for one artist in residence and help to facilitate cooperation with scientific institutions (in case of artistic projects dedicated to ‘art & science’). Our own work and exhibition space is not big – approx. 90 sq.m – but for bigger exhibition projects we cooperate with partner institutions, including art/history museums and Universities.

  • video/media art
  • experiments in art and science
  • artistic research in intercultural/ethnographic subjects, contemporary art and cultural heritage

Directors and curators:

Slava Mizin

Dmitry Galkin

Nakhanovicha st. 3,a Tomsk, 634055

+7 3822 51 25 13

tomsk(at)ncca.ru, d.galkin(at)ncca.ru

ZARYA Artist-in-Residence – VLADIVOSTOK

ZARYA Artist-in-Residence program based in ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok is a project aimed at provision of support to professionals in the field of contemporary art that welcomes artists regardless of their preferred media, as well as age and nationality. ZARYA A-i-R offers the young artists an opportunity to live and work in the new environment and conditions conductive to intensive work that provide a chance for successful implementation of creativity projects. ZARYA A-i-R program is primarily focused on analysis and development of local environment. One of its tasks is establishment of a dialogue with both dedicated professionals and wide audience. ZARYA A-i-R program is destined to become an efficient point of interaction between representatives of various nations and cultures and to encourage development of the local art world on the Far East.

Residency provides accommodation in a furnished studio apartment (2 studios, kitchen + living room, household appliances), a workshop (33 m2) for joint use, PR support of the developing project, assistance in coordination of the developing project (introduction to the local context, meetings arrangement, information and literature search assistance). Residents are expected to submit some final artworks for ZARYA CCA collection (the number of works and other details are to be negotiated individually).

  • Visual Art
  • New Media Art
  • Performance Art
  • Theater
  • Music
  • Street Art

Chief Curator: Alisa Bagdonaite

Program Coordinator: Adel Kim

Avenue of the 100-Year Anniversary of Vladivostok, Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, 690068

+7 423 231 71 00



“New Stories of Yekaterinburg” at Museum of Photography «Metenkov’s House» – YEKATERINBURG

Museum of Photography «Metenkov’s House» opened the residency program for photographers and the artists working with photography in 2016. Museum is located in a mansion built in the late XIX century in the center of Yekaterinburg.

It has residency studio and exhibition space (total 150 m²). The main aim of the residency is to increase interest in photography as one of the most important tools for the city exploration and to urge cultural exchange between local and international artists.

  • Art
  • Photography

Karla Libknehta, 36 Yekaterinburg, Russia 620075

Residency Program: http://ekaterinburgs-new-stories.tumblr.com




Instagram: dom_metenkova

Permanent residence of the Ural Industrial Biennial – SATKA (Tscheljabinsk region)

The permanent residence functions during the biennial years and in between, aiming to realize residences of different formats and expecting results. Basically, the residency is multidisciplinary, it can be organized for a group of artists or be individual, be a research one or to have a production of an art-piece as a final result. The flexibility of the formats is enframed with a couple of principles:

– resources we have (such as an access to the production sites and processes of operating factory, a possibility of communication with local communities, a chance to work in a city public space) should be appreciated by artist and be needed to accomplishment or development of his or her project/research/idea:

– together with an artist we are searching for a right format and length of a residency according to his or her proposal and we are ready to accept any changes of format and length if there is an evident artistic need for such a change.

  • Visual arts
  • Contemporary dance

Curator: Zhenya Chaika


Head office in Ekaterinburg (Russia): 19, Dobrolyubova st., Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620014.

Residence location: 48, Ordzhonikidze st, Satka, Russia, 456910 http://fourth.uralbiennale.ru/en/index.html

Residencies in Switzerland

Atelier Mondial, Basel

Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva

Rote Fabrik, Zurich

Stadtgalerie, Bern

Villa Sträuli, Winterthur