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Swiss Designers at «Typomania-2021»

The theme of «Typomania-2021» is the «choice paradox».

Swiss participants of the festival include Balmer Hählen graphic design studio; their posters will be exhibited at the Museum of Moscow till the May 16. The founders of the studio Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen will also take part in an online conference on May 22-31. The designers will share their professional findings and texture print techniques.

Enea Bortone, a graphic designer from Luzern will join them at the conference. He will share his vision of design studio working process through the example of his own project «Enea Bortone – Grafikatelier». Another artist from Vevey, Anthony Velen, who majors in motion typography and is a multidisciplinary designer, will share how to approach fonts from a completely new perspective, for example with the help of drones.

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On photo: project of Anthony Velen (c) anthonyvelen.ch