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«SHAG»: the New Volume of German-Speaking Playwrights Series

The sixth volume of «SHAG» complemented the German-speaking playwrights series collection.

This time, the editors aimed at researching existing dramaturgy formats of German theatre rather than creating the «museum of the contemporary dramaturgy». The new collection includes the texts of «Lenin» and «‎Five easy pieces» by Milo Rau, one of the latest woks by Boris Nikitin «Essay About Dying», Rimini Protokoll instructions on making the performance «Situation rooms», the play about women and public norms «And Now: Go Out! or I Don’t Give a Damn about Your External World» by Sybille Berg, and a work of Wolfram Höll «Disco», which reminds more a log-file of a combined track than a theatre text.

All «SHAG» collections are available at the website of Goethe-Institute free of charge.

On photo: Performance of Milo Rau «Lenin» (c) Thomas Aurin