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September 27 – October 3. Frédérique Jarabo at the «Context. Diana Vishneva» Festival

This year, the International festival of contemporary choreography «Context. Diana Vishneva» provides composers, musicians, and sound designers with an opportunity not only to create a dance performance but also compose music for it. Composer, pianist and theatre artist from Geneva, Frédérique Jarabo will assist participants with that task. Her interdisciplinary lab works in Moscow on September 27-28. Under Frédérique’s supervision, the lab participants will compose music and create dance performance through improvisations, experience exchange and learning various creative techniques. More about the lab

Besides, Frédérique Jarabo has composed music for the dance performance «No Names», which will be premiered in Moscow and St. Petersburg during the Evenings of the Contemporary Choreography.

Photo (c) Frédérique Jarabo