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September 23-26. St. Petersburg. Swiss Artists at the Pubic Art Festival Art Prospect

On September 23-26, St. Petersburg hosts International Public Art Festival Art Prospect, which showcases 20 projects created by the artists from all over the world. This year, the festival focuses on the «Forms of Unity» to address the life experience during the pandemics, when it became important to unite, engage and listen to one another.

Michael Meier and Cristoph Franz known for their interaction with social, historic and political context of certain places are among the Swiss participants. In their project created for the Art Prospect and entitled as «Pressed in Iron Screws» they explore the history of the Kirov Plant and «Swiss» traces in Lenin’s biography and his famous return from Zürich to St. Petersburg. In the course of the project, the artists will «replace» a street lantern from Zürich with the one from St. Petersburg and vice versa. The project will start in Zürich, where the lantern will be placed into the truck and moved to St. Petersburg where artists will set it up on the territory of the Kirov Plant. The lantern from St. Petersburg will travel to Zürich to be placed on the Zürichberg hill.

The second Swiss project by an artist and cinematographer Yeliz Palak called «Go as light as water flows, and come back as free flowing as water does» is a poster show, which invites the audience to take off for a journey. Collected memories in the form of photography, drawings, and collages unite cities, routes, and traces to become a personal map where individual subject lines twist into a wider context. The project is dedicated to the invention of a special language for describing the fragility of the world and understanding what it means to belong to a group. More

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