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September, 20 – October, 8. St. Petersburg. «Boomfest»

On September 20 – October 8, the International Comics Festival «Boomfest» kicks off in St. Petersburg. As usual, the festival  features variety of activities including the exhibits of comics and illustrations, performances and film screening, competitions and master-classes for young authors, meetings with artists and the book-fair.

The Swiss Pierre Thomé and König Lü Q are among the participating artists.

Pierre Thomé is one of the founders of the famous comic magazine «Strapazin». He has been working independently for a long time, now he teaches illustration at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. At the «Boomfest», Pierre Thomé gives a lecture «Teaching Drawing as Language» on the educational system for comic writers.

König Lü Q is an independent Swiss artist. He works with fanzines and is published in leading comic anthologies («Stripburger», «Kuš!», «Komikaze»). The artist participates in the festivals around the world and makes comic-jams. At the Boomfest he will talk about the fanzine culture and conduct a comic-jam.

The schedule of the events is on the «Boomfest» website.

 Illustration by Daria Komleva-Litvinova (c)