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SEAL.x2 Virtual Platform Presentation

Space Emulation Art Label created by Spatial ElectroAcoustics Laboratory is an interdisciplinary multimedia project dedicated to the creation and preservation of audio-visual spaces.

The SEAL.x2 combines a distribution model of the musical netlabel and the most recent digital achievements in web-XR technologies along with auralization techniques (procedure developed for modelling and imitation of the acoustic phenomena reproduced as sound field in virtualized space).

The first project in the framework of the platform will be the “SEAL.x2 Connecting Spaces” – the international compilation of 8 collaborative spatial artworks made by Russian and Swiss experimental musicians and digital artists which will be presented at SEAL.x2 every two weeks.

The project has been supported by Pro Helvetia Moscow as part of Fast ForwART programme aimed at supporting new cultural exchange formats.

More information on the Facebook page and project web-site

Oh photo: SEAL Central Hall by Ephemera.ONE