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«Sandcastle» by Frédérik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Lévy in Russian

«Boomkniga» publishing house presents psychological thriller by the famous Swiss graphic novelist Frédérik Peeters and recognized documentary director Pierre Oscar Lévy «Sandcastle» (translated from French by Mikhail Khachaturov).

In this haunting fantasy the authors talk to the reader about the fear of getting old and inevitable death. The novel tells the story of three families and a refugee who find themselves in a beautiful secluded cove; however, two mysterious incidents ruin their perfect world. The sea throws onshore a dead female body and everybody at the beach starts getting old fast.

In 2010, the «Sandcastle» received the Töpffer Award and in 2011, the Angoulême International Comics Festival award.

The book release is scheduled for the second part of May.