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October 4–6. St. Petersburg. A City Hunts a Murderer

St. Petersburg Theatre of Generations will show A City Hunts a Murderer play, created by an international team of theatre workers from Switzerland, Russia, and Germany. Based on Fritz Lang’s classic 1931 film M, the play was staged by Swiss-based writer Mikhail Shishkin and German director Eberhard Köhler. In this story about capturing a maniac, which has already become a cinematic gold standard of the noir genre, authors of the play saw many parallels to current social upheavals and an opportunity to talk about how the world we live in is changing today.

Swiss participants of the project include musician Simon Ho, actors Mona Petri, Tatjana Werik, and Dominique Jann, as well as author Matto Kämpf. More

Photo (c) pokoleniy.ru