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November 11-29. The First Caucus of Contemporary Dance

The previously announced 4-day-long 1st Contemporary Dance Caucus will work in the updated mode.

On November 11-13, the Caucus will take place online and unite in zoom choreographers, artists, dancers, theoreticians, curators, producers, and everyone interested in the phenomenon of the contemporary dance as an artistic, cultural and social movement. Giving the floor to the artists and members of the professional community, the Caucus touches the wide range of issues from the artistic meanings to cultural policy, related to the art of dance today.

Gabor Varga, Swiss curator and choreographer is responsible for the online international panel discussions. He will run the international reflexive platform «Matter of an hour» where artists and curators from all over the world will make presentations and reports on today’s «burning issues». The Swiss speakers include the director of the «far» festival in Nyon Véronique Ferrero Delacoste; project manager of the Geneva art-residence L’abri Alessandra Mattana; the choreographer Lucie Eidenbenz and director, performer and playwright Marcel Schwald; and the director of the RESO dance network Switzerland Boris Brüderlin.

On November 25-29, the lab «Making Dance Possible» will unite choreographers, producers and everyone interested in developing collaborative projects.

Please follow the link for possible changes in the programme of the Caucus.

Photo (c) Gregory Batardon