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October, 23. «Please, Continue (Hamlet)» at the Festival «Golden Mask»

The production «Please, Continue (Hamlet)» by Yan Duyvendak and Roger Bernat was featured within the St. Peterburg International Summer Festival of Arts «Access Point» in July last year. It had a big success both among the general public and the professional community.  The show was nominated for «Golden Mask» award in the category «Experiment» and according to the regulations of the award should be presented to the audience one more time.

As a reminder, the show features the court hearing on the murder case. The real judges, prosecutors, advocates and psychiatrists work on the theatre stage. While the only professional actors are Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude. The sentence depends on the decision of the jury members randomly selected from the audience. The project explores the aspects of the contemporary justice system and the borders of the decision subjectivity.

The show will take place on October, 23 in the New Space of Theatre of Nations in live format for «Golden Mask» award jury and critics only, and will be broadcasted online for wide audience. More

Photo (c) Magali Batardon