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October 11—November 10. Videocity Basel—Kaliningrad

On October 11, Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts is opening Videocity Basel—Kaliningrad, a show exploring the history of Swiss video art.

Exhibition features works by Basel-based artists, dated from the birth of Swiss video art in late 1970s to the present day. Topics range from mythology and criticism of contemporary media to recording an artist’s daily life, while shooting locations stretch from apartments in Basel to Luxor in Egypt.

In addition to the show, curator and art historian Andrea Domesle, together with artists Axel Töpfer, Birgit Krueger, and Eric Schmutz, designed a two-day public program offering discussions and co-creation sessions. Plus, Basel citizens will get to meet artists from Kaliningrad to talk about their videos and portfolios. More

Video (c) Ausschnitt von Theres Liechti “Superwoman”, 2017