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Moscow. Typomania 2017

Typomania 2017

Festival Programme

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International festival Typomania is the largest annual celebration of fonts, typography, calligraphy and video. The aim of the festival is to collect and connect type fans and turn them in to a professional community. The organizers see it as a goal to popularize the typography culture, be sensitive to traditions and support the most daring interesting experiments and projects.

This year Typomania will take place on May 27 till June 4 in The Museum of Moscow. Swiss designer Melchior Imboden is one of the headliner. He will give a lecture and workshops for all interested.

The schedule:

May, 27, 4 pm
Venue: Museum of Moscow, Zubovsky bulvar, 2.

May, 29-30 (2-5 pm)

Subject: “Work on Kremlin Orchestra poster”.
Venue: Museum of Moscow, Zubovsky bulvar, 2.
Duration: 2 days (3 hours per day) with possibility to continue work at home. Laptop is required.

Please, find the detailed information and registration form here.




Photo: Feixen Studio Portfolio Image, Feixen(c)