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Moscow. GROUND zine fest

On April 14-16, for the first time in Russia, International festival of the independent book publishing, GROUND zine fest, will be held at two GROUND gallery-workshops, part of the Exhibition Halls of Moscow Association. The programme includes a fair, a conference, a series of talks as well as project presentations and master classes.

Switzerland will be represented by:

Aaron Fabian, an artist, a publisher, and a graphic designer. Within the educational program of the festival he will speak about his experience as a designer and micro-publisher and he will present a collection of his works made over the past 10 years.

Nicolas Wagnier, a professor at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD). Within the educational programme of the festival he will speak about training and innovations in printing and he will also present a collection of his limited silkscreen prints.

Ingo GRRRR, a painter, a publisher, and a graphic artist. He will present collections of sketches made during his travels in Europe and Russia and will also speak during the educational programme.