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May 19. Discussion «Swiss Dance on the Path to Independence»

In the light of the upcoming Contemporary Dance Caucus, dance artist and curator Dina Khuseyn arranges series of online meetings with the representatives of Russian and international dance community.

On May 19, the first event of the series dedicated to the Swiss context «Swiss Dance on the Path to Independence» will take place.

The participants are going to discuss how contemporary dance in Switzerland became an independent art form; what steps the dance community had to undertake and how it built up the dialogue with the authorities. Whether the movement to make dance an independent creative discipline was the grass root initiative and what exactly the artists demanded. Another focus will be made on the institutional landscape of the contemporary dance, challenges, initiatives, and perspectives of this art form in today’s Switzerland.


Nicole Seiler is a choreographer and a founder of «Cie Nicole Seiler» dance venture. She is also interested in questions of cultural politics and throughout part years has been on the board of different associations and foundations such as Pro Helvetia, Danse Suisse, Far-Festival Des Arts Vivants, and others. Her artistic approach spotlights the relations between image and video.

Boris Brüderlin, director of the Swiss dance platform RESO, promotes dance as a separate artistic discipline.

Anne Davier is a director of ADC (Association pour la dance contemporaine). The Association was founded in 1986 to promote dance and to ensure that discipline takes a significant place in the cultural landscape of Geneva. Anne is also the editor in chief of the «Journal de l’ADC».

Felizitas Ammann is the head of the dance and theatre division in Pro Helvetia. As of 2003, she works over the initiatives aimed at development of the Swiss dance scene and coordination of efforts for its financial support.

Anna Arutyunova, head of Pro Helvetia Moscow, will answer the questions about interaction between contemporary dance in Russia and Switzerland.

Discussion will take place within the project of Garage museum «Garage. Self-isolation».


On photo: Nicole Seiler, The rest is silence, 2020
by Julie Masson