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May 13. Nizhny Novgorod. DRAMA_talk: Between Text and Theatre

In May, the 8th season of DRAMA_talk: Between Text and Theatre highlighting contemporary Swiss drama, continues with reading of Gerhard Meister’s play Das grosse Herz des Wolodja Friedmann (“Wolodja Friedmann’s Big Heart”), staged by director Vadim Danziger.

Gerhard Meister is a Swiss poet and playwright, famous not only for his poetry collections, theatre and radio plays, but also for his stage adaptations of literary works.

The play Das grosse Herz des Wolodja Friedmann was based on a novel Die Brille des Nissim Nachtgeist by Lotte Schwarz. Despite the fact that events of the drama take place on the eve of World War II, its topic still feels extremely relevant today, raising the questions on how immigrants can adapt to their new life in a new country and what is supposed to help them cope with their dashed hopes and ideals. Get more details

Photo (c) Gerhard Meister