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Laboratory. Illustration as Reaction to Political and Social Spheres

International Festival «Mors» got inspired by the first Swiss-Russian online residency «Window» and decided to continue with this format of interaction between illustrators in 2021.

This time, the curators Anna Chefranova and Yves Nussbaum united artists into one team to explore the place of illustration in the world of influence and influence of illustration over the world.

Can an illustration react to the current political and social agenda and what are the ways? Can we talk about illustration only as a decoration or it might have other functions? Is censorship or self-censorship acceptable for illustration?

All online discussions will be split into six topics: “Freedom of Speech”,  “Gender Issues”,  “Ethical Borders”,  “Civic Position”,  “New Media”,  “Economic Context”.

Participants of the residence are illustrators from Switzerland, Russia and Belarus: Karoline Schreiber, Helge Reumann, Nando von Arb, Varya Yakovleva, Katerina Dubovik, and Anna Sarukhanova. 

The result of the residency will be presented at the two exhibits, which will take place in Russia (in October 2021) and in Switzerland (in 2022). More

On photo: Karoline Schreiber (c) progr.ch