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June 10-11. Kazan. Summer Book Festival in «Smena»

The educational program of the festival features the renowned Swiss journalist Margrit Schprecher. She is the author of the poignant and humorous text «Oma läuft Weltrekord» (Granny Sprints to Break the World Record), published in Russian as part of a joint project of the Swiss magazine «Reportagen» and Colta.ru «Best of Reportagen».

During the festival, the journalist will contemplate «Whether Journalism Can Become Literature?» in her workshop, and will take part in the discussion «Overcoming Time: Practices of Escaping the Aging». She will share the observation of aging in Europe both from the point of view of professionally unbiased journalism and her personal experience. Margrit is 82 years old and she actively continues her career. More

Photo: (c) Margrit Sprecher. Keystone