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July, 9. Moscow. Presentation of «SHAG-5»

A series of collections of plays by German-speaking playwrights «SHAG-5» was added with a new, fifth in a row, volume.

«SHAG-5» is ten topical plays, with success going to theaters in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The texts of the collection raise important and actual topics – from the attraction of terrorist ideas among young people to xenophobia and racism.

On July, 9 the foyer of the Stanislavsky Theater will host readings of three plays from the collection: «Monsters Crash High-rises» by Lukas Holliger (Switzerland) as translated by Svyatoslav Gorodetsky, «Jihad» by Volker Schmidt (Austria) as translated by Alexander Filippov-Chekhov, and «Game of Life, Game of Death» by Stephan Hornbach (Germany) as translated by Alexandra Gorbova.

Directors of the readings are Nikita Betekhtin, Alisa Seletskaya and Talgat Batalov. Authors of all three plays will come to Moscow specially for the event.

The collection was published by the Goethe-Institute in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum and Pro Helvetia Moscow.

Photo: The swiss author Lukas Holliger (c) tageswoche.ch