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July 6 – August 4. Theatre project «Shäm Dich!»

Theatre project «Shäm Dich!» (Shame on You!) by Zurich-based musicians Ilya Komarov and Trixa Arnold started its Russian tour in the company of the Gorod Ustinov art group.

«Shäm Dich!» is an artistic research of shame, which began with creating of so called Shame-O-Mats, the booths that collect personal stories of shame, in Switzerland. In Russia, the micro-territory Gorod Ustinov has joined the project and came up with a portable «Shame-O-Phones» that can be used anytime to share personal «shame story».

The collected stories formed the basis of the performance. In text and music form, it represents a universal human archive of shame, which continues to grow. Public participation, dialogue, improvisation, and renewal are the integral part of the project. The world premiere of project performative version takes place during the Russian tour.

The tour route includes Yekaterinburg, Perm, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula Region, St. Petersburg and other cities and places.

Tour diary and the details are available here