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February 6–8. Murmansk. Inversia Festival

Swiss musicians will get to perform beyond the Arctic Circle.

The improvising duo of Swiss musicians, Christian Müller and Loïc Grobéty are taking part in Inversiа International Audiovisual Festival held in Murmansk.

Loïc Grobéty is curator of the Hors Normes Festival, electronic musician, and bassist who emerged from the grindcore and black metal scene. Christian Müller is composer, improvising musician, clarinettist, and organizer of a number of festivals and concerts in Switzerland.

Together they form the Myrmek duo, which is all about dissecting a thick, massive sound of doom metal and rock and mixing it with experimental electronic music.

On Friday, February 8, Loïc and Christian will perform at Inversia Live Performances, and before that they will share their experiences as curators and musicians at the festival’s conference. More

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