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«Jellici/Baldes’ Soundfields» Russian tour. February 18-24

«Jellici/Baldes’ Soundfields» quintet will tour 7 Russian cities. Critics define their music as «jazz of the 21st century — a synthesis of genres, influences, and emotions». There are two leaders in the band: saxophonist Jochen Baldes, who writes music, and vocalist Johanna Jellici, who is in charge of lyrics. They are joined by a team of brilliant improvisers that include guitarist Franz Hellmüller, bass player André Buser, and drummer Tobias Hunziker. Tour details can be found here. 


February 18 — Voronezh, book club “Petrovskiy” 
February 19 — Egorievsk, club “Rotor”
February 20 — Nizhny Novgorod, UNN old concert hall
February 21 — Dzerzhinsk, Skryabin central music school 
February 22 — Moscow, «Esse» club
February 23 — Perm, Fort Grand
February 24 — Ekaterinburg, «Ever Jazz»