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February 12–13. Basel. Anton Morokov’s “Private Flags”

In 2019, Philosophicum Culture and Education Center in Basel and the Bartels Foundation launched a programme of art residences. Its first participant was Anton Morokov, an artist based in Nizhny Novgorod.

Anton Morokov represents the new school of Nizhny Novgorod Street Art, a street art movement that originated in the city in the mid-2000s. Adepts of this particular genre place greater emphasis on artistic practices related to urban environment.

At the residence, Anton works on a project Private Flags. While walking freely around Basel with its residents, artist explores how they feel in certain places of the city. After that, according to Anton’s plan, he will create flags with various inscriptions symbolizing participants’ emotions and observations. He will then place the flags in the explored urban spaces. Artist will capture everything on camera, and the photographic results of his experiment will be presented at the Ackermannshof Space on February 12–13. Find out more

Photo: (c) Anton Morokov