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December, 25 – January, 8. Moscow. Hackteria LAB at Garage Museum

Art Experiment: Laboratories of Earthly Survival


This year, the eighth annual Garage Art Experiment called «Laboratories of Earthly Survival» will feature immersive installations and workshops by Russian and international artists, scientists, biohackers, and engineers, exploring questions of ecology and future survival. Developed at the intersection of art, science, and technology, this multidisciplinary project allows visitors to experience various imaginary perspectives for our environment and get directly involved in “hacking” life sciences by taking part in alternative biological, genetic, and robot-engineering experiments.

The Swiss scientists, researchers, and artists Marc Dussieller and Urs Gaudenz are among the participants of the «Art Experiment: Laboratories of Earthly Survival» project by the Garage Museum. They will open a temporary Hackteria LAB, a space for reflections and experiments with equipment made from recycled technologies.
Hackteria is a virtual international network of artists working at the intersection of programming, biology, and contemporary art. It aims at a critical reflection of biotechnologies. It promotes collaboration of artists, scientists, and programmers in bio-art outside official laboratories and art institutions.
The visitors of the «Art Experiment» can observe assembling of the lab from scratch. They can also take part in the seminars and other events that the artists hold daily from December 25 to January 8 (Dec 31 and Jan 1 are days-off).

Photo: (c) CC Mechatronicart.ch