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August 12-17. St. Petersburg. Open Look Festival

On August 12-17, St. Petersburg runs the International Festival of Contemporary Dance Open Look. Each year the festival unites the most trending European choreographers and dance companies.

This year, the New Stage of Alexandrinskiy Theatre spotlights Foofwa D’Immobilité, already recognized among the city contemporary dance followers. On August 13-14, he will present his performance «Dancewalk – Retrospectives», his theatre interpretation of the Dancewalk project, which took the artist around the world since 2015. In Russia, the dance promenade took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kostroma in 2017. The new project is a summary of the 400 kilometers danced by Foofwa and adopted for local context.

Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon of the Cie «7273» traveled the world for over 20 years in search of the genuine move. In attempt to avoid overlapping between western movement technique and traditional dance forms they developed new approaches towards contemporary choreography. The artists found inspiration for their own dance, which they call «Multi styles FuittFuitt» in the Middle East. At the festival, they will present their performance «Today» and give workshops. More

Photo: (c) Mehdi Benkler