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Anastasia Bogomolova in Studio Residency at PROGR

Anastasia Bogomolova is an artist, curator, lecturer, collector, and photobooks researcher. She works in Yekaterinburg at the «Metenkov House» photography museum. She curates exhibitions dedicated to the contemporary Russian photobook landscape. In her artistic practices, she uses installation, sculpture, photography, and performance.

In her residency at Bern Art Center PROGR Anastasia will continue working on the project started in 2015 where she explores the meteorite impact locations. In this sense, the canton of Bern is especially interesting for her thanks to a rare iron meteorite found in the municipality of Twann next to the city of Bern. This location is still on the radars of scientists and experts from all over the world.

Anastasia will work in residency from September 15 till December 15.

Photo (c) Anastasia Bogomolova