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24-30 September. Mikroton Mikroten Festival

Independent record label Mikroton Recordings has organized the Mikroton Mikroten Festival to celebrate its ten-year anniversary in September. Musicians who have worked with the Moscow-based label will perform at concerts in Kaliningrad, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Swiss trio MKM and the Leberwanz duet, both longtime collaborators of Mikroton Recordings, will represent Switzerland.

MKM is made up of the harsh rhythmic noise of Norbert Moslang’s electronics, Gunter Muller’s percussion-based electronics, and Jason Kahn’s work on analog synthesizers, microphones, and radio.

Joke Lanz (turntables) and Christian Weber (double bass) of Leberwanz experiment with electro-acoustic music and work outside of the boundaries of genre and style.

The event organizers promise that each concert will become a laboratory of sound research.

The schedule