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15 September – 14 October. Tomsk. Basel. Melodie Mousset

On September, 15 the Swiss artist Mélodie Mousset presents «HanaHana», an  interactive installation for the first time in Russia at Tomsk gallery “V Glavnom”.

The installation involves a specific immersive set-up conceived by the artist, including a VR-experience. During the period of the exhibition in Tomsk, HanaHana is also presented at HeK Basel, in Switzerland, during the Oslo Night on September 22nd, an important cultural event. The users of the two remote installations at Tomsk gallery and at HeK Basel will be able to interact in realtime by modifying the virtual world.

Curatots: Boris Magrini (Basel), Dmitry Galkin (Tomsk).

Public-talk with artist and curators: 15 September, 6.30 pm at Tomsk gallery “V Glavnom”. More

Photo: (c) Mélodie Mousset