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Stas Sharifullin (aka HMOT)

Switzerland | Sound Art

Sound Art

Stas Sharifullin (also knows as HMOT) is a musician and a researcher of sound from Moscow. He is a winner of Sergey Kuryokhin Award and co-leader of the Klammlklang label; he has a PhD in Philology and curates “Sound Art and Sound Studies” Master’s track at the Higher School of Economics.

In Switzerland, Stas will continue his research in the area of the sound epistemology, spatial music and ambisonics. Within his trip he will actively interact with his Swiss colleagues in the field of experimental music and sound art, as well as collaborate with his fellow thinkers, exploring the new methods of the studio sound work. Stas explores new techniques of sound recording (binaural microphones, hydrophones and various field sound recording devices), he plans to use them while recording biophonic and geophonic sounds of the Swiss natural and urban landscapes.

Photo (c) Karina Azizova