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Exhibition of Things

«Exhibition of Things» is an independent art and research project that addresses living spaces at the «moment of transition» (for example, before renovation or renting) and works with documents and artefacts found there.

The authors of the idea and curators of the exhibition, Elizaveta Spivakovskaya and Mikhail Kolchin have already made two «Exhibitions of Things»: in Kazan in 2019 and in Moscow in 2020.

After February 24, 2022, the curators have come up with a new «Exhibition of Things» that talks about the things they have emigrated with and the things they had to leave behind. The materiality with which Elizaveta and Mikhail used to work and the performativity of the places where they invited viewers have now moved into spaces of memory and imagination. The authors of the project began the new research by talking to those who had to leave about what they took with them, what things from the past they miss, their new accommodation in the new country and the home they left behind. They were joined in this study by Swiss artist Shannon Guerrico, who helped unlock the potential of the visual material found during the research.

«Exhibition of Things #3» is an open ended project and is a work in progress. The curators have revised the original idea and are now working not on a temporary exhibition, but on the concept of the museum. We will let you know more about the development of the project later.

Photo (c) “Exhibition of Things #2”