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«Along the Unseen Rivers» Project

We follow with great interest the development of the project «Along the Invisible Rivers» by the winners of the Pro Helvetia «Shared Future» Open Callcurators Christina Pestova and Anna Kozlovskaya.

«Along the Invisible Rivers» is an interdisciplinary project designed to reveal an alternative view of the city through a map of hidden rivers and related stories. Christina and Anna invited Russian and Swiss hydrologists, curators and artists to reflect together on the themes of invisible water and the fragility of water systems in large cities.

Nastia Volynova (Moscow), Monica Ursina Jäger (London) and Damian Christinger (Zurich), Natalia Zaitseva (Leipzig), Sarem Sunderland (Zurich), Rolf Weingartner (Bern), Ivan Kopeikin (Almaty) reflect in their texts and visual works on how water can become a sign system of the city and represent history, culture and ideology in the language of rivers and water bodies. The results of the project will be published in autumn 2023.

Photo (с) http://insituproject.org/